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Adopt a college student

Did you know that we loose most of our young people in the transition from high school to college and from college to work-life?

Did you also know that we 2/3 of young people are leaving the church?

Did you also know that you can help us make a dent in this number! Just by letting them know how much you care!

Every month, we want to send a care package, whether you send it out or we mail it out. We will have packages so you can bring notes of encouragement, gift cards and anything you'd think will let them know that they are loved. We will mail the packages out to them but if you want to mail the package out yourself, we will not oppose it.

Here are the students we have, and we will add more to this list.


  1. Zoe West

  2. Jayden Cushing

  3. Bethany Mitchell

  4. Paul Ubongen

  5. Jesse Felan

  6. Gerardo Miguel-Perez

Greeneville area

  1. Daniel Lynch

  2. Braden Ball

  3. Jakob Svendsen

  4. Noa Svendsen

  5. Matthew Toppenberg

  6. Nathan Toppenberg

Things they may like:

  1. Gift cards for food

  2. Notes of encouragement

  3. Little reminders of home.

  4. Did we mention food.

If you would like to direct mail them, please send me a text at 423 972 9036. Or bring it the second sabbath of every month.

Also we have the individual lists of things students like at the bottom of this blog. Keep scrolling and find out what some of the young adults would like.

Did we miss anyone? Please let me know and we will add them to this list.

Thank you for helping out


Individualize Wish lists

Bethany Mitchell

  • Pretzels

  • Lay's Sweet Honey Barbecue Chips

  • Lay's Sour Cream and Onion Chips

  • Sour Patch Kids Candy (as well as most any chewy fruit candy)

  • Jolly Rancher Gummies

  • Cheez-It Snap'd

  • Gift Cards to: Walmart, Taco Bell, Burger King, etc.

  • Milky Way Chocolate Bars

  • Dried Mangoes

  • Dried Cherries

  • Mentos Gum

  • Icebreaker Mints

  • Herbal Tea Packets

  • Chai Tea Powder

Others... coming soon


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