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Happy Family

Family Ministries

Family Ministries is here to help us change the world one family at a time! From bringing us together as families, to helping us grow as marriages, Family ministries aim is to bring us closer to each other and God. 

There are many activites planned for this year, don't miss out! Come, learn, grow and change the world!

Contact Cathy Kohne |  Tel: 423-638-7043


Youth Ministry

Riverview Youth are an active group eager to share the love of Jesus. We have fun too! 

Soccer, movies, praise and worship- you name it, our youth and young adults meet Wednesday nights to fellowship. 

Contact Juanfer Monsalve |  Tel: 423-638-7043

Female Friends

Women Ministries

Is designed to bring women together into the word. From Bible studies, to retreats our aim is to help women grow closer to God through the word and to support each other through interpersonal relationships. 

Contact Sherri Thomas |  Tel: 423-638-7043

Image by Denny Müller

Prison Ministries

You visited me in prison... said Jesus. Our aim is to let people know that their choices of yesterday, do not have to control their eternal choices. Women go on Monday's and Men go on Wednesdays. Make plans to attend. 

Contact: Diane Vance, Women. 

Dave Chamberlain, Men |  Tel: 423-638-7043


Small Groups

Our Small Groups are unique and variable to ensure everyone enjoys the topics at hand. From classes on healthy living to diving deep into scripture and more, Small Groups meet on  a weekly basis to learn and fellowship. 


Greeneville Adventist Academy

Our school, Greeneville Adventist Academy, offers an affordable Christian education for grades K-12.

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