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The Greeneville Adventist Academy will join the worship service with the Band, Octet and Handbell Choir sharing in worship. Please join the church family as the school presents their musical offering to our Lord and Savior.

Special Sabbath September 30...

White Structure

Youth Vespers

Join in fellowship on September 29 from 5:30 pm-8:00 pm.
Take your Bible and be ready for some good conversation and fellowship. Location TBD.

September 15-16 - Services will be the Northeast Tennessee Camp Meeting
at the Oaks Retreat Center. Jud Lake is the speaker - Expanding His Kingdom
Speaker's Theme: “From Eternity to Eternity: Tracing the Grand Drama of Scripture”

Opening program Friday evening at 7:30 with Vespers.

Sabbath programs:
    10:00 Sabbath School
    11:30 Church
    12:45 Potluck lunch
     2:30 Afternoon meeting and/or Activities
     5:15 Evening meal in Dining Hall
     6:30 Vespers and Closing program

For information and to register -  Questions? 

Contact Alise or Heidi at 706-629-7951 /


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