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News & Events

Daily Prayer Focus
at 7 am and/or 7 pm
Week of July 21 through July 27

Lift up those

who are home whatever

the reason.

7-19 / 8:45 pm
7-20 / 8:41 pm

Sabbath's Edges

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Ongoing Events

Painting Wall


Spare Change/Loose Change
There is a money treasure chest in the lobby
so you can empty your pockets and piggy banks
and any other place where money just accumulates.
Check the couch cushions, under the car seats, etc.
Here is a list of ideas - or come up with your own!

<> Tip Money <> Babysitting <> % Back on Credit Card Charges <>
<> Challenge Friends to Miles Walked at a set price per mile <>
<> Pet Sitting <> Give It Up Day e.g., that daily drink purchase or
eating out during the week and put that cha-ching in the Fund <>
<>  Plant a garden, sell produce and the proceeds go in the Fund <>
<> Put Your Super Great Idea to Work Here <>

(Because Riverview loves their Children)
~ Especially for the Kids ~

(and Young At Heart)
Help Build the Church - in Legos!
Buy a block (minimum donation $1/each)
and add it to the construction project and
you can watch our Lego Church grow.

Note! We are in need more
construction workers!!

We are partnering with The Coalition Addressing the Needs of Unhoused People (CANUP)
of Greene County by participating with food donations.
Requested items include:


PROTEIN: Tuna, chicken  (easy open can or cup)  /  VEGETABLE: (easy open can or cup)

FRUIT: (easy open can or cup)  /  CRACKERS: Cheese, peanut butter, other

DESSERT: Granola Bar, other  /  BOTTLED WATER

To make it easy, items can be taken to church for the donation box.
Contact Brooke Sadler, at 423-329-9631.

Thank you for participating and "helping the least of these, My brethren."

(Thank you to all who have donated to the CANUP program.
Your contributions are blessing those in need.)

Upcoming Events

It's Happening!

Please remember...
Tuesday is Pastor Juanfer's
family day. If you need
to contact him, please

leave a message and
he will get back to you
as he is able.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Are you interested in
riding the Creeper Trail?
Please contact Pastor
to help select the best
weekend to ride.


July 22
Weather Permitting:
Ladies' Walk and Talk

will meet at
7:30 p.m.
in the lobby at the
main entrance of
Greeneville Community

July 27
Riverview Night of
Worship for the
Whole Family.
We will come together
to praise God in our own
personal way and we need

to make this happen!
Ideas include:
Special Music
Bible Readings
Skits and more.
Get on the signup sheet
in the foyer or contact
Bethany Mitchell

July 28
Greeneville Adventist Academy
Work Bee - 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
at the school. Help is needed for
moving mulch, installing light bulbs,
deep cleaning rooms,
power washing, and more...
Please be at the school
bright and early and take any
tools that you might think
would be helpful in assisting with these
projects. Especially needed are
people on the playground to help
get mulch moved after the drainage
renovation this summer.
Also need those with electrical experience
to put in some new lights.
Please contact the school office or
Randy with any questions you might have.

July 29
Board Meeting at
Victory Church of God.
Everyone is welcome
to attend.


Save the Date
August 16
"Reach Your Neighbor"
Leads Retreat
Cohutta Springs. Register:

August 16-17

Derek Morris, former president of
Hope Channel, will be with us.
Please make plans to attend
and invite a friend.
More details to follow.

August 31
9:30 a.m.

Ladies Leading for the Lord
Georgia-Cumberland Conference
Women's Ministry is having a
one-day retreat at the
Seventh-day Adventist Church
in Warner Robins, Georgia.
This one-day training event
is for any lady who would like to grow
in discipling, ministering, and leading
other women from behind the scenes
or from the pulpit. This program is for
every lady as ALL are called in the
way the Lord has equipped them.
Lunch will be provided.
For more info and to register, go to:


September 24-October 3
Adventist Heritage Tour

Step into the shoes of Adventist pioneers
and experience the rich history of
our Seventh-day Adventist heritage.
Explore the sites where key figures
lived and worked as they shaped
the framework of the church.

October 11-13

Georgia-Cumberland Conference hosts
a Marriage Retreat - How a Man Loves
a Woman: Building Intimacy.

Join this 2024 retreat for couples at the
Cohutta Springs Conference Center.
Speakers are Pastor Juleun
and Melissa Johnson.
Registration is open on their website:

October 25-27
Adventist Community Services (ACS)
Fundamentals & Certification Summit

Summit Location:
Cohutta Springs Conference Center
Make an impact in your community!
This event benefits you and your church
by establishing or enhancing
church community service initiatives.
Learn how to assess the needs
in your community. Gain knowledge from
ACS experts through seminars and
certifications. Connect with other church
members to share ideas and resources.

Visit their webpage to learn more
about how this event can help you
better your community.

Sandra Bishop is thanking you
for praying
and is praising God
for her new residence.

She prays that He richly blesses you
and your loved ones.
- / * \ - / * \ - / * \ - / * \ - / * \ -

Winter Schedule

Wednesday's Evening Activities:

Light Meal
5:45 p.m.
Prayer Meeting
6:15 p.m.
6:45 p.m.

Full Calendar

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