• Pastor Jason

September 3-9


Message: Have you ever felt abandoned by God? Jesus did. Have you ever been tempted to take His name in vain? Jesus has. Don’t miss church this Sabbath as we conclude our series by discovering what happens When God Calls His Own Name with a sermon entitled, “My God, My God.”

Prayer: This week we lift up the Campbell family in prayer. We are thankful for Sonia’s healing from eye surgery and Jasper’s third birthday. We pray for healing and redemption as Terry Campbell awaits the extent of his future in prison.

Things Happening:

Last Saturday night the youth met to prepare for the upcoming youth sabbath program and we stayed around for games afterward. We had such a good time!

Inviting all youth and families to join us again this Saturday night for Bible study 6:30-8pm followed by games. 

I spent Wednesday and Thursday at Cohutta with “Young In Ministry” meetings. It was a great time for fellowship with other young pastors and learning from those with more experience.


Pastor Jerry Arnold shared with us some great advice about giving Bible studies. I look forward to applying what I learned.

Tuesday I was at the Maryville church for a NE TN pastors meeting. It was great to see a new multipurpose room. ADCOM shared with us some exciting conference-wide plans for evangelism in 2017 & 2018. “What if…”

Personal: Well, it was a very busy short week between conference meetings, sermon preparation, and Labor Day Weekend.


What a celebration we had on Labor Day with two babies in the family! (In addition to the traditional meaning of labor day we celebrated two mothers who labored to bring bundles of joy! hehe…couldn’t resist myself)

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