• Pastor Jason

September 29 – October 7


Message:  What is greatness? What does it mean to be great? No one desires to be simply ordinary. God has placed a desire in our hearts to live a life that makes a difference! God has created us to to live a life that is GREAT!!! Join us this Sabbath as we consider the true measure of greatness according to Jesus, with a sermon entitled, “Greatness Awaits.”

Prayer: With 20-30% of our congregation meeting every Wednesday from 6-7pm at church for prayer, I believe we are experiencing a renewed outpouring of God’s Spirit.  We have been sharing time together in prayer as we study the book of Acts. Don’t cheat yourself from this rich opportunity to pray with brothers and sisters every week: praising Him, offering ourselves to Him, asking petitions of Him, and thanking Him. As we study the book of Acts, I have found this quote to be acutely relevant:


Things Happening: Our nominating committee has begun its work to unleash “the ministry of the saints” (Ephesians 4:12). We have been praying for God to help us see with His eyes and not our own. (1 Samuel 16:7) There will be a way for you to help them in this effort when you come to church over the next two Sabbaths!


This week has been a blast! I worked with this group to put on Spiritual Survival Week at our school Greeneville Adventist Academy. As always, a great group of young people. 


We had a very successful week with student speakers and many decisions for baptism. Special recognition to the Student Association president, our very own, Lexie Dornburg who made a very powerful, heartfelt appeal to the student body.


This is the group that I preached with at Newport last Sabbath. They are coming to Riverview December 10!


A few weeks late, but here is the group that led the sermon during our last Youth Sabbath on Facing Fear. As you can see, donuts are our way of celebrating the accomplishment.


Did you know that everytime you get in your car you can be listening to 3ABN radio?       Brad Emde has exerted enormous effort to make this possible in Greeneville. Best of all, he has extended an invitation to Riverview to advertise on his station. We are thankful for the chance to partner with him. Be sure to tune in to 97.9 next time you are driving!


Here are three friends that really look forward to time together every Wednesday night from 6-7pm at our Fellowship Gathering!



Have you walked the Creation trail before?  One of the highlights of our week was walking the Creation trail. We had a good time making signs poses at each sign post!

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