• Pastor Jason

October 26-November 11


Message: Are you desperate for God? How badly do you need Him? To what lengths are you willing to go to get His attention? How specific are you willing to be about why you need Him? Your answers to these questions just might set up a miracle of God prefaced with the question, “What do you want Me to do for you?

Prayer: We have many reasons for prayer in our world, nation, and church family. May we act upon our great need of the Savior and Redeemer we have in Jesus Christ.

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Things Happening: This coming Sabbath we will honor our veterans with a special tribute. As Seventh-day Adventists we may not always agree with the decisions of government but we most certainly stand ready to serve our fellow countrymen.


Hacksaw Ridge is in theaters, have you seen it? While the world is taking note of this veteran Adventist hero, we hope you’ll join us this Sabbath as we honor the other veteran heroes among us.

Did you make it to the GAA talent show? If not, you missed a fun night. So proud of our school. It was especially nice to see the new band. Boy are they getting better. I just loved their professionalism! Good work brother Tom Cushing!


Did you know that Norman and Diane Vance have pets??!!! That’s right, a whole pond of them. Thank you Norm and Diane for sharing your fishes with us. Katia really enjoyed them!


It has been great playing sports with our kids at Greeneville Adventist Academy. Two weeks ago we put together new goals donated by Riverview. It is such a blessing to watch these young people mature as Christian athletes. Special thanks to Claes Svendson for coming out each week to support this ministry.


Anna and I had a great time celebrating at the housewarming party for Johnathan and Sabrina Kennedy! It was a neat reminder that every home is a sacred place where life takes place. May all our homes be dedicated to the Lord.


This past Tuesday night, young adults started a new Bible study in downtown Greeneville at Catalyst. 12 young adults, about half from the community, all studying the Word of God! Praise the Lord! If you are a young adult, we hope you will consider joining this Bible study group on Tuesday nights. Special thanks to Evan Fox and Karen Singh for heading this up!



Dining out has become a great experience now that we can use a high chairs! It amazes me how spoons are such entertaining toys.

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