• Pastor Jason

October 21-26


Prayer: Praying especially for Chelle Tomlinson as she recovers from eye surgery and the Payne family as we work to see that water gets restored to their house after their well broke this week. We have many praises as well we shared at prayer meeting.


May we always believe this and practice this as a people at Riverview!


Too many names to list here. Our prayer meeting keeps going strong. Hope you will come out and join us next Wednesday from 6-7pm.

Things Happening:


Wednesday morning I met with this group of Spirit driven community organizers as we seek to meet the needs of the elderly in Greene county who need meals delivered to their homes. If you would be interested in being part of this effort speak with Brooke Sadler or myself. Our other friends in the picture are Sue Ritter, Becky Yonz, and Terry Bellamy.

Tuesday night the Pathfinder club went can collecting for the needy. It was a great experience for the kids to push them out of their comfort zone for others. They did great! (See my caption below:)


This was our team, what a van! Tom, Jayden, and Kaleigh Cushing, Braden Ball, Rylie Tomlinson, and Michael Cordero. *Humble Brag* We won the competition by collecting 108 cans plus an extra three full bags full! All in less than two hours. What a blast!


Did you notice how many boys we have at our church??? We have girls too but this picture from Children’s story last Sabbath seems to prove we have more boys than girls. Coincidentally, I happen to know that Greeneville SDA church has more girls than boys…maybe one day we’ll have some matchmaking 😉

What a blast we had at the Gallimore Barn Party on Saturday night. This video below is of a great song by Ron and Rachel Fields that they dedicated to Anna and I for OBVIOUS reasons:

Thank you Ron and Rachel!


It was great sharing a barn party with Greeneville Seventh-day Adventist Church! The music was phenomenal as both churches contributed talent. Shout out to Ken Horton, Dave Ondreijka, Jesse Felan, Marvin Spilovoy, Ron Fields, and Lyndon Blackmon. 



We took the family to a pumpkin patch to enjoy the beautiful fall season we have been having!


This is the second time that T-mobile Tuesday has led me to Wendy’s for a free frosty only to be served by someone I know from church. The first time it was Lily Grenti, this time it was Kelsie Smith! Thank you both 🙂

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