• Pastor Jason

October 14-20

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Message: Last week we discovered that the “heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.” Jeremiah 17:9 Now we turn to the solution. A heart change. A heart transplant. Don’t miss the sermon this week as we conclude our two-part series sharing the essence of salvation in a sermon entitled, “Matters of the Heart: The Throne.”

Prayer: We are on Acts 5 now and we are growing a lot from our time in prayer together. Join us every Wednesday from 6-7pm.


Things Happening: Are you struggling with an addiction? Have you ever had an addiction? Do you know someone who has struggled with addiction? We want YOU! Join us as we launch an all-new ADDICTION RECOVERY group that will continue every Saturday 10am.


We would love to have you join our addiction recovery group at 10am on Saturday mornings. Come check it out (400 Sanford Cir. Greeneville, TN)


It was Braden Ball‘s birthday on Tuesday. Sure was great hanging out with him and his friends down by the riverside…

People: Had a chance to visit some great people this week!


Had a great time with Nita Dornburg and her daughter Shanda Brown eating dinner with a superb mountain view.


Sure was fun visiting Mary Jo Pierce and all her hats!!!


Kellie Payne sure had a stare down with baby Katia! Not sure who won…


Happy Faces all around Chelle and Rylie Tomlinson!


Had a great time at Tator Salad last Friday night. Robert and Alyssa Thomas shared a high-quality presentation on why we should believe in God. Thankful for the Imitator ministry to young people.

Personal: This week Anna and Katia got home from visiting family. What a blessing to have them back. I missed them a ton!!!


It was so great having my family back together this week. Katia had fun being a giraffe!

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