• Pastor Jason

November 11-18


Message: Scripture tells us that Satan is the prince of this world. We look forward to a day when Jesus will come again and save us from Satan and sin. But what about today? Can the Christian claim victory today? On what basis can we have that assurance? Join us this Sabbath to find out at 11am down by the riverside!

Prayer: Lots to pray for right now. Grateful for the over 30 people who showed up to prayer meeting on wednesday night. God is moving!


Things Happening:


Apologies for the blurry picture, but I would like to express great appreciation to Riverview’s church board. This is a very dedicated group. But most importantly, as we have wrestled over the budget and evangelism plans for the new year, this is a group that believes in the power of prayer. What a joy it was to begin board this week with lengthy time in prayer. 


If you are a young adult and have not yet made it to the Collective on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm you are missing out. This is a great group and growing! Pray that God would multiply what He is doing among these young adults. 

Takoma in conjunction with Adventist health celebrated 150 years of hospital ministry. Des Cummings did a tremendous job with the presentations. He was very convincing that we have a health message not just for the 1800’s but for the 21st century!

Shout out to three church members who did a great job putting this together: Clarence Small, Lyndon Gallimore, and Anna Vyhmeister.


While I was there, look who we ran into! Kumarie and Karyn Singh!


Thanksgiving Grandparents day at GAA was a great success. Big thank you to Scott Felan and Randy Nomura for such a great job heading it up. In this picture Randy is sharing how GAA places higher academically than both the national and conference average. We have a great school!



It was great running into Emily Latham at Esther and Ella on Main Street this week.  Katia sure had a blast. 


I hope you had a chance to get outside during the warm week this week and enjoy the bright fall colors!

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