• Pastor Jason

May 17-June 8


Prayer: During the past two weeks, God has been teaching me that the most important thing I can do is focus on the battle He wants to WIN IN ME. This is more important than focusing on the battle I want to WIN FOR HIM. Ministry flows out of BEING not DOING. The most important thing I can do for God is simply be like Him. And the best way I know of becoming like Him is through prayer.


Look what showed up to prayer meeting this week! We all marveled at it. The only thing I think it needed was a great big surf board on top! Way to go Brooke and Pat Sadler!


Tuesday night after the Bill Barrett Memorial Service I got to preach at the Greeneville prison with Ken Horton and Holly Carter. I am so glad that we didn’t get lost inside!


So thankful for Brooke Sadler and the many church leaders who go the extra mile to reach out and include those of our church family and beyond. I had a great time visiting new guests with Brooke Sadler this week.

Personal: I had a great vacation visiting family in Loma Linda and then a good time at the Georgia-Cumberland Camp meeting. What a blessing to hear Randy Roberts speak.


Katia absolutely loved my sister’s dog Wiki!


Anna and I escaped for a much needed date alone!


There is something special about taking your child to a cradle roll classroom you grew up in!!!

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