• Pastor Jason

May 12-17

tongue fire

Prayer: As I said in my most recent sermon, the involvement of a church family in prayer is a better indicator of success than the size of any church facility. On that note, I am praising the Lord for the fervent prayers regularly offered up by so many at our weekly prayer meeting. This is a special place. Join us for prayer, every Wednesday 6pm in our fellowship hall. 

Things Happening: Our Mother’s Day brunch was a fantastic success! We have some very special mother’s here at Riverview and we are thankful for them.

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 Nita Dornburg celebrated her 75th birthday this week, Marvin and Pat Spilovoy celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary, and Norman Vance will celebrate his 80th birthday this weekend. What a week! Here are some pictures associated with the festivities:

One of the greatest joys in ministry is studying with those preparing for baptism. I have been studying with Elijah Small for a few weeks now and I can’t wait till he can share with our congregation some of what he’s got cooking! Here is a sneak peak. 

20170511_190118 (1)

Personal: Well, I appreciate Randy Nomura for a lot of reasons, but I received a new reason this week. Thank you Randy for taking this adorable picture of my daughter! (Note the moms standing in the back right corner :))

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