• Pastor Jason

March 23-April 6


Prayer: One reason I love Riverview is because of the spontaneous Spirit-led prayers that are bound to break out. Check out what happened two Sabbaths ago in the picture below when people discovered Curtis Montgomery was headed in for surgery.


Nita Dornburg, Ric Tryon, Jerry and Patti Cohen, Dollie and Curtis Montgomery praying together!

Things Happening: The past two weeks were busy with young in ministry pastors meetings and other meetings. But my favorite experience was spending some time with these pathfinders talking about literature evangelism. So proud of this group! A big thank you to Janelle Hastings and Dave Ondreijka for inviting me.


Janelle Hastings, Allyson Boyce, Grace Kovalick, Lexie Dornburg, Judah and Hannah Brass, Raimey Talbert, and Reyes Miguel-Perez

Personal: My sweet darling daughter just has a hard time focusing on the camera when there are lots of friends around!


Rylie, Sadie, and Chelle Tomlinson, Karin and Joshua Small, Ellesia Gallimore, Trish and Allyson Boyce and Katia!

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