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The final steps are in process, but did you know that Riverview agreed to give $1,000,000 to our school (GAA) for worthy student aid?!!! The money is a gift to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Greene County from AHS after the loss of Takoma. We hope and pray that that this money will be put to good use in making an Adventist Education more affordable for more families!


Do you recognize this guy? (Nice to see a familiar face even if it is with a different logo!)


A special thank you to the whole church family for the AMAZING baby shower! (These pictures do not do it justice.)

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Don’t miss Men’s Prayer Breakfast the 2nd Sunday morning of every month!


We are so proud of our Pathfinder Bible Bowl Team led by Erika Santos and Kirstin Elliott. They reached the Semi-Finals and as we saw at prayer meeting, they know their Bibles!


What a blessing to have EW Dempsey join us for presentations on the importance of healthy living. We had a great afternoon turnout!

Sy Gallimore has been serving the past few months as a student missionary in Pohnpei. Check out this mission project he created:

We are so proud of Braden Ball!

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