• Pastor Jason

July 6 – August 10


Announcement: Just a reminder that our Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) program starts on August 16th at 10am. Please invite any young mothers you know to attend. Trish Boyce and Anna Vyhmeister have done a great job putting together a program. Also, if anyone is willing to help with childcare we could definitely use more volunteers! Check out the advertisement that will be going in the paper: 

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Prayer: We continue to praise God and pray for the recovery of Jerry Cohen after surgery. We are also praying for all our families orienting themselves to a new year of school.

Things Happening: So much has happened since July 6th that it’s impossible to recount it all here. Suffice it to say that it was a fantastic end to a great summer. Here are some of the highlights that we caught on camera.

Have you seen the latest progress on our new playground? It has been quite a venture to put it together. A big thank you to everyone who helped put it together! We are hoping to have it completed this weekend when we pour the ground cover at our Men’s Prayer Breakfast starting at 9am this Sunday, August 13th.

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The Greeneville Astros Game was a blast! These two celebrated their anniversary. Congratulations Ginger and Clarence Small!


Getting some smiles before the game with Nelson Thomas.


Relationships are what Riverview is built on. Great to see Norman Vance and Bill Sias hanging out. 


Young and Old play together while checking out a new garden. Brooke Sadler & Ansel Svenson

We had a farewell potluck for the Gallimore family that was definitely bittersweet. Gallimore family, we love you all and pray God’s blessing on the next stage of your journey.


At Riverview, we love seeing everyone in our congregation contribute in worship with their musical gifts! Beth Shelton, Allyson Boyce, Karin Small, Jennifer, Tom, Jayden, & Kaley Cushing


Bags of Love is full of fun. The work they do here is amazing. Pat Greene, Pat Spilovoy, & Peggy Lowe.

Personal: I hope you had a chance to vacation and spend some time in the sun this summer. We really enjoyed a trip to Florida and Minister’s meetings at Cohutta. 


Anna & I loved paintballing together!


We got to see a cousin!


Look who we ran into in Florida, and now we’re back! Love this precious family ❤

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