• Pastor Jason

February 8-17


Message: We are excited to have some of our very own from Fletcher Academy lead our worship service this Sabbath. Sofie Svendson, Ryan Kamieneski, Luke Bird, and Alex Clayton will lead our song service with friends.  The message on Sabbath is based on Hebrews 11 and entitled, “A Journey of 1000 Miles.”

Prayer:Did you know that every Wednesday Evening at 6pm we meet to pray together as a church family? We also have food! It has been a delight to have my family join me the past few weeks. Even Katia is joining in on the food:


Things Happening:A big thank you to everyone who participated in our #riverviewlove contest. I hope you had a great Valentine’s day. Remember that every day is a good day to focus on loving the spouse God has given you! (If you haven’t submitted a picture yet, do it today!!!)


We had a great visit with Peggy Lowe, Pat & Marvin Spillovoy. Thank you for having us over!


The three caballeros of our prison ministry team. Thank you Dave Chamberlain for heading it up. And in case you wanted to know, it is VERY COLD in this picture. Kudos for wearing shorts!


It was great having GAA share the book of Revelation with us! There is no better way to celebrate than with donuts!

Personal: There is nothing like being able to bring your family to work with you! Thank you Anna and Katia for tagging a long and keeping me company!


She was practicing her preaching with me!

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