• Pastor Jason

February 23-March 2


Prayer: I feel really impressed that we pray for our school and hospital. Both are undergoing significant change and change is an opportunity to take hold of the arm of Jesus! Pray that our hearts would depend on Him more and us less. Pray that hearts would be softened. Pray for the future of these institutions. Takoma is no longer Adventists but decisions between Wellmont and Mountain Health States could mean a great deal to many Seventh-day Adventists employed there. Greeneville Adventist Academy is nervous about how the change will affect them, obviously we are committed to our school, but let us pray that God shows us His path forward.

Things Happening: This past Sabbath afternoon, I journeyed to Knoxville First Seventh-day Adventist Church with Lyndon Gallimore, Nita Dornburg, and Brooke Sadler to participate in the pre-session constituency meeting! The theme was “United in Mission” which is brilliant. When you become a Seventh-day Adventist, you don’t just belong to a local congregation, you belong to a worldwide family! Just as in any family, we may have disagreements or squabbles at times but love must always be the dominant force to reconcile us together for the purpose of mission!

The reports given at the pre-session were impressive. We are so blessed to be part of the Georgia-Cumberland Conference. The Conference is growing by almost every metric, often ahead of the rest of the Division. At its core, this is a reflection on the faithfulness of each member. Thank you for your faithfulness!


It was great having our pathfinders last Sabbath. I was especially proud of these guys who did a fantastic job with our skit. Way to go Chase & Rylie Tomlinson, Kaleigh & Jayden Cushing, Braden Ball, and Morgan Spillman!

Personal: It is amazing how quickly the instinct to love others sets in. Our daughter isn’t even a year old yet and she is already exhibiting mothering instincts. She carried the monkey below all through the toy store and she has two baby dolls that she just can’t get enough of. She holds them, strokes them, pets them.

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