• Pastor Jason

February 18-23


Prayer: God protects us. God protects us because of prayers in the past. God protects us for prayers in the present. And God protects us so we may pray prayers in the future. I believe that God protects us, especially in response to prayer.

Chris Small recently had an experience of God’s protection regarding a fire that came within feet of his house. Chris will share a testimony with pictures about the experience on Saturday, March 4th as part of our worship service.

Things Happening: Alright, this was a fun week! Check out the slideshow below for a sneakpeak at the nominations for our #riverviewlove contest. This Sabbath we will give a prize to the “most romantic” picture and more!

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Here is another slide show from our Presidents Day Social on Saturday night:

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As you can see by this video it was lots of fun!

Perhaps the most fun during the evening came when Lyndon Gallimore got up to bat! The progression of these pictures tells you all you need to know!

Personal: There’s nothing like seeing a smile on the face of your child! Remember, God the Father loves you that way!


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