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Just a few of the resources I have been deeply blessed to use in studying the life of Abraham during my sermon preparation time.

A very special thank you to everyone who was involved with the creation seminar. What a blessing! A tremendous success for the kingdom. We had over 50 guests from the community on opening night. One of these guests, Roger Coutant was recently baptized with his wife into the Greeneville SDA Church. Another, Patty Mcclure is preparing for baptism at Riverview on March 10. Praise the Lord! Even for those not making that decision, it was most certainly a blessing. What a privilege to serve a loving Creator!

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Enjoyed having a Bible study with this group preparing for baptism. 

Our party watching the Superbowl was a blast! As you can see, there was more to do than just watch the game.

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Loved having a chance to watch my wife teach beginner’s Sabbath School. Proud of all our beginner class kids, parents, and teachers!

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Prayer meeting is always such a blessing! Join us this next Wednesday at 5:30 as we journey to wholeness with step 7 of the 12 steps.

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