• Pastor Jason

December 29-January 5


Prayer: We have so many reasons to pray and so many people in need of intercessory prayer as we start the new year. I think especially of Tom Culler, Bill Sias, Brandon Lowery, Derrick Hoskins, Patty Mcclure, & Vina Ball. Most of all, I am thankful, that we have a God who supplies all our needs.


Things Happening: What a special time we had with our church agape feast! The deaconesses did a tremendous work decorating. We welcomed the new year with prayer, testimonies, footwashing, bread, wine, and worship!


New Years’ Eve brought new delight at the home of Norman & Diane Vance.


Sabbath School in the shape of a cross!


The Primary class brought in the new year right!


A bit behind on this picture but it was a joy to welcome these two new family members into the faith!

Personal: It was an early bed time this new years eve, but it could not have been more special!

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