• Pastor Jason

December 1-14


Message: Have you ever had to wait for something? Have you ever grown tired of waiting? Have you ever waited for something that was worth the wait? Our lives are so busy, especially this time of year. It can feel like we don’t have time to wait. But waiting with hope and expectation is what this season is all about. Join us for the sermon this Sabbath entitled, “The Reason For The Season: Advent.”

Prayer: Tonight at prayer meeting we prayed for our families. This holiday season be sure to pray for your family. May God guard our families, especially this time of year.

Things Happening: Well, my phone malfunctioned so I don’t have any pictures, but we’ve had some great things happening at Riverview with baptisms, a visit from the school, prayer meetings, and more. But the best of the month is yet to come! (See the video below)

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