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Day 4, Really God? You want me to do what?

The voice spoke from heaven a second time, ‘Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.’ Acts 11:9

What’s one belief you know you would never change? What’s something so dear that you would die for?

Peter was a man of emotion and also principle. He held many beliefs dear to his heart. When God showed him the unclean animals in vision he gasped and said "I would never never do that." Then God said. Don’t call unclean what I call clean.

In other words: Do not put your made up beliefs at the same level as my commandments! What a surprise Peter had, from despising the gentiles to understanding God wanted them to be in the kingdom as well!

If we are honest we all have some traditions that we hold dear that aren’t biblical. There are things that we just do and slowly through time, they’ve attained the same holiness level as the 10 commandments. God disputes those beliefs, because when we hold false beliefs to the level of true beliefs people always end up losing.

They end up losing everlasting life.

Peter unwillingly goes to the house of the gentiles. He doesn’t want to be the next Jonah and there, He gets to see the Holy Spirit descend upon them. I would venture to say that on that day the gentiles and Peter were transformed by God that day they all became brothers and sisters in Christ.

Today God calls us to leave our own ideas and pick up his ideas. We are all brothers and sisters. It doesn’t matter nationality, background or socioeconomic level, if they seek Christ we are family. If one hurts we all hurt for we are all part of the body. Let's not call dirty to what God has already called clean. Let's keep walking with Christ to places that are uncomfortable to us, maybe we will get to see the Holy Spirit descend!

Have an awesome day!

Today's Prayer

Teach us God to hear your voice and to change our minds when your voice commands. Forgive us for making up laws that take us away from you! May we be able to share with others about your soon coming, may we be able to welcome them into your family! In the name of Jesus we pray!

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