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Day 29, On fandom

Hello all!

First wanted to apologize as we haven't been getting the videos and devotionals out on time. We've been hit by a wave of the flu, therefore it's taking me a little bit longer to write and edit.

So here's the deal, as we catch up, we are going to post the bible verse for the day. What i'm asking you is to do your own devotional and spend time alone with God. Stay tuned, in the next day or so we will begin with the videos again.

Again, i'm sorry for the interruptions.

Here's an old devotional i'd written, I hope it speaks to you today.


Hi, my name is juanfer and i LOVE watching sports. One of the reasons I don't own a tv, it's because if it was up to me, i'd watch sports all day. Baseball, football, tennis, rugby (i don't get it but it seems fun), hockey, soccer and even cricket (i'm still trying to figure out the point of this game). I remember watching the Texans, Rockets and Astros, not wanting to miss any of their games. I remember sneaking a small radio into high school so I could hear if the Astros had made the playoffs or not.

I can't tell you names, nor statistics all I can tell you is that I enjoy watching sports, I love going to sporting events, I'm willing to spend more money on sports than clothes or anything else. I love sitting down talking about it, i like to critique the plays, I suffer while watching games, which has let me to the following observations...

Here are some observations about being a fan

1. talking never leads to action:

I can talk forever about sports, but i know i'll never have to step into the field. I'll never have to run or even attempt to slow the game down in my own mind. I can philosophically solve all the issues on the field by talking about it, but i know that what I have is an opinion wherever is right or wrong... doesn't matter, it just makes me feel better about myself but makes zero impact on real life.

2. Being a fan is comfortable

The leagues push for a really comfortable atmosphere at stadiums. Look even the worst seats in stadiums (and believe me, i've been in the nose bleeders a couple of times) are comfortable. You can watch it at home, HD tv, you can rewind and forward the plays. You can eat your favorite food, you can be dressed comfortably. See being a fan is all about comfort! Yes it might rain from time to time, and a few times here and there it might be uncomfortable but the whole experience is prepared so you can do what you need to do in a comfortable atmosphere...

3. As soon as the game is over i can move on...

Ok, i'll think about it, i'll cry about it, be really mad about, stop talking for a while (sit in my car for an hour after Colombia loses, FUE GOL DE YEPES) or laugh, cry (of happiness this time) raise my arms and celebrate the victory for which I did absolutely nothing about. Yet as soon as the game is over, it's time to move on, there is laundry to be done, food to be prepared or work stuff waiting for you. It does not matter how involve you are when you are a fan there other things that are important. It's nice to sit down knowing that after the game is over, eventually, you have to move on, nothing you can do about it.

4. All you have to do is show up...

There's no preparation involved, other than getting your hopes up, a fan doesn't have to stretch, eat right, study tape (some people do, but you don't have 2, your job is to show up) if the game is on the line you cheer as hard you can (unless you are from Miami, then you just stand up and leave :P). Being a fan is nice, you show up, everything is ready, you just participate, or not as long as you are there giving your money away, the organizers are happy.

Some of us love being fans, because being a fan requires minimum responsibility. You can be one of those crazy fans, super involved, camping to buy season tickets (i guess now a days you camp by your computer) yet whether you show up or not the game goes on, you are just an spectators, and frankly I like it this way, it allows me to live life! Since it's easy, we transfer this mentality to other things, sometimes our families, we just show up, do our duty and get out.

Some of us are fans of church, we show up, we do the church things yet the moment we step out of a building we begin living our real life... but what if we weren't supposed to be fans of church, what if God called us to BE the church. To step into real life thinking about those that hurt, to step into life finding ways to feed the hungry. What if the reason we sometimes feel empty and lost at church is because we are watching instead of being in the game. What if you and I weren't called to be fans? What if the reason of our existence is to get dirty, to do something about the world? what if we stopped going to church and started being the church? what if fandom was just left for sports?

I don't know, how might your church be different if fandom wasn't an option for you? how would the world be different?

I just... sometimes wonder

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