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Day 2, Helloooooo

“To Seth also a son was born, and he called his name Enosh. At that time people began to call upon the name of the Lord.” Genesis 4:26 ESV

After Cain murdered Abel, things had gone from bad to worse. Things quickly deteriorated, the lineage of Cain started to truly trust in self. What used to bring shame, became a source of pride. Lamech is proud to be an assassin. It seems as if the story of men will end badly very soon, for they have become seekers of personal pleasure.

Isn’t it like this today, humanity prides itself in sinning. It seems as if it’s not enough to sin behind closed doors, now the most boastful are held in the highest regard. For Adam and Eve, this was devastating, they could see how perfection was ruined right in front of their eyes.

Now our human inclination is to act, to do something, to go at it alone and yet throughout history we seem to learn that this is when we fail. When we try to attack sin head on, without the protection or direction of our father, many end up switching teams. The Bible tells us how slowly even the good people started their downfall by trusting in themselves and then a group of people began to call on the name of the Lord. This group of people becomes the sons of God, they realized their need to regularly speak with heaven and they are called part of the family of God The ones that trust in self are the sons of man and the ones that call on the name of the Lord are part of the lineage of God's family. It's incredible what happens when we pray. God takes us under His wing and says you are my family.

In the book of Genesis, God gave everyone a chance to talk to Him and as long as they voluntarily talked, listen and followed what God had to say, they remained part of His family. Even Cain had the opportunity to repent before he voluntarily walked out of the family of God. Whatever situation you may find yourself today, Talk to God, He wants you to count you as part of His family

Prayer cements your right as a son and daughter of God. The more we pray the more we understand the family plan and our purpose on this earth. We must remember that for many years there was no written Bible, the main source of communication with God was through prayer. They spoke and God answered, and so it is today, that God's greatest desire is to talk with you. Tell him your dreams and worries, He is ready to talk, for when we pray we are part of His family.

Today's Prayer

God teach us to call on your name. We realize that our powers are not enough to confront sin alone. We want to go where you send us, but as we go, we want to go with you! Answer our prayer and keep us in your family! In the name of your son Jesus Christ we pray, Amen

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