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Day 19, The kingdom of God is here!

“for behold, the kingdom of God is in the midst of you.”

Luke 17:21 ESV

It was going to be my first time living with a different family. In 2004, I moved to Washington state where I would have my first try at pastoring. I would move with a church family who would feed me and give me a place to stay. Today I count it as one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Karl and DJ were kind, loving and informative, they had a sense of adventure and wanted me to get to know new aspects of the culture. They would sit down and talk with me, when their family came over they treated me as if I was part of their family. They introduced me to new foods, new ways of thinking. insisted I'd eat my fruits and vegetables. They taught me how to unfreeze my windows when it snowed and how to attach chains to the tires so I wouldn’t slide all over the place.

I got to spend one year in their house and honestly it’s one of the reasons I came to love North American culture as much as I do.

When it comes to changing or introducing others to a new culture, it is best to show them instead of just teaching them. In the Lord’s Prayer we find that we are to pray for God's kingdom to be a reality in our lives. We are to experience heaven here on earth. We are to learn what it means to be a citizen of heaven to live by its rules. This will only happen when we show and live those principles. So that people can make a choice as to which kingdom they want to be part of.

What if the beatitudes weren’t just nice sayings but our rule of life? What if being a light upon a hill wasn’t a nice slogan but what we were known for? How would the kingdom of heaven be reflected here on earth? How would our family, church, country change because we’ve decided to live according to the culture of heaven?

I don’t have all the answers but I sure want to find out.

Today's Prayer

Show us Lord what we need to change in our personal lives so that we may be fully participants in the culture of heaven.

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