• Pastor Juanfer

Day 16, Crystal clear picture...

“so that "'they may indeed see but not perceive, and may indeed hear but not understand, lest they should turn and be forgiven.'"”

Mark 4:12 ESV

It was my first camp out as a pathfinder, at around 2:00 am the staff woke us up and blindfolded us. They put us in line and started a game of following the leader. It was an incredible experience, when they took the blind fold off and showed us where we had been I could not believe it. With blindfold on, it seemed as if we had been on the most difficult planet, without it we realized it was an easy walk. Sight has a way of opening up the world to us.

There’s something awesome about being able to see where one is going, anyone who wears glasses can tell you that. As Jesus laid in the garden before His death, He could not see the father anymore. He had to walk by faith, like you and I. He had to depend on the father and the plan that had been revealed to Him in advance.

As the days pass and we continue on this journey, you will begin to see more clearly the plan God has for you. Do not fear it, nor run away from it. God is giving you insight into what He has planned for your life. Many times we have plans for our life and we confuse those plans for God's plan. It is in walking with Him that our plans are laid bare and the beauty of the kingdom is revealed in our life.

A journalist, that was my plan as I grew up. I wanted to share interesting stories with others so that the world could change. As I grew in the faith, I realized that my calling was to tell another story over and over again, a story that would change life’s and eventually the world. A story that keeps on changing my life and those around me. My eyes are opening as the spirit reveals His plan, as we read the Bible we hear the voice of the father and we follow. We march by faith and follow the plan of teaching, baptizing, and making disciples for there is nothing more important in this life. For what we couldn’t see before, now we see and follow! Christ the king has won and those who walk with Him have been given everlasting life. You are part of his kingdom.

Today's Prayer

Open our eyes so that we may see your Beauty, glory and plan. Help us to clearly hear you, and give us the strength to walk away from our plans and be able to live out yours.

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