• Pastor Juanfer

Day 15 Are you tired? In need of rest?

“And he said, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.””

Exodus 33:14 ESV

It’s morning and I’m already in need of rest.

Rest from news channel

Rest from bad news

Rest from sicknesses all around

Rest from pain and suffering

Rest, rest, rest! so needed, especially now.

We must admit that if there’s something we still need to learn is how to rest. Most of the time when we come back from vacation we utter these words: we need a vacation from the vacation. We are constantly doing, constantly building, constantly reading, listening and moving. Being busy seems to have become more important than rest.

Some studies have shown that just by sleeping the recommended time, we’d be able to be healthier, smarter and more productive. Let’s be honest, rest is really hard even when we know how good it is, even when the sabbath rolls around, it’s difficult to just stop and allow others to do what we think we ought to do.

Jesus says: “Come to me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” If we truly want to rest it can only be found in the person of Jesus

. Rest from news cycles comes when we hear the good news of God, salvation has been imparted to the world.

Rest from bad news comes when Jesus says you can have a new beginning.

Rest from sickness comes when Jesus says behold I make all things new.

Rest from pain and suffering comes when Jesus says that the former things will pass away and He will wipe all tears away.

We no longer need to wait to rest. The kingdom of God is here, rest is available, and free for someone else paid the price. Pick up an order of salvation for it comes with a side of rest. Just what the doctor ordered.

Today's prayer

May our prayer be, to have peace in the midst of tragedies. To be rested when overwhelmed. To be able to have a good night of sleep without worries or preoccupations. For us to be able to hear the voice of God, soothing the way forward.

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