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Day 14. Seek ye first!

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

Matthew 6:33 ESV

When I received the news that we were moving to a new country I wasn’t very happy. Moving away from everything I knew, my friends school church and culture was not how I planned my life going at the age of 13. Leaving was the hardest thing I’ve experienced and at the same time the greatest, most informative experience of my life.

From the moment we boarded the plane I stopped belonging to one place. Years later when I visited the country again, I realized pretty quickly that I wasn’t one of them. This experience opened my eyes. I learned that I could live in many places and never fully belong.

The desire to belong is one that is innate to humanity. One that everyone fights to have, for belonging makes our heart be at peace. When God says seek first the kingdom of God, He is reminding us that the only way we will ever belong here in this earth is if we give up on heaven. An outsider never stops looking for a place to call home, one the seeks is willing to lay it all in the line in order to find home.

If we are to be citizens of the kingdom we must desire to be there in heaven with all of our hearts. Putting aside our earthly desires and picking up the heavenly call to love God and our neighbor above everything else. To follow the commandments, we must stop loving other things that separate us from God. Therefore today we must ask God to make us outsiders here on earth, so that we may begin longing for heaven. Today, may our desire to be in the kingdom of God, grow above our own desires here on earth. Let’s become outsiders of the world so that we can be insiders in the kingdom of God.

Today's Prayer

Today God we ask that we may live according to the principles of your kingdom. May we love you more than anything else. Make us uncomfortable here so that we may be comfortable with you for eternity.

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