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Day 13. Bring intercession back

Hello all! I wanted to apologize. I am having issues with the video maker. If I'm not able to fix it soon, we may be going live with videos, so stay tuned for more news. For now, the devotionals will be written, i'm hoping that in the next few days (hopefully hours) the issue will be resolved. Here's today Devotional-- Juanfer

Day 13

“I am praying for them. I am not praying for the world but for those whom you have given me, for they are yours.”

John 17:9 ESV

“Can you pray for me?” You’ve probably had someone ask you this question. I remember vividly when the first person asked me to pray for them. I was in High School and seeing that I was a Christian one of my friends asked me to pray for Him. Every time he would see me, he’d say thank you for praying, a few weeks later he asked if he could come to church with me. I never took him, I still regret it to this day.

What if instead of a friend of mine he’d been a long cousin that had left the church? I probably would have turned the world upside down to make sure he’d know Jesus. I’ve noticed something that when I’m emotionally invested in the result I pray with more intentionality, with more strength.

Jesus says that when he prayed, he prayed for us for we were His. Precious in His sight and the object of the greatest rescue mission ever put into action.

Now here’s where I want to get to, what if we prayed for others with the same interest that we pray for those we love. What if we prayed for the looter in the street with the same passion we pray for our kids? Or if we prayed for the enemy with the same love we do for our spouse? Do you see where I’m going?

Intercession must make a comeback to the hearts of those of us who are followers of Christ. When we see people hurting or walking away from Christ, like Moses we must claim to God so that they may have a chance to repent and have everlasting life.

Interceding for others must be a practice of love. Interceding for others is a sign that Christ is making a permanent home in our hearts. Go ahead, make intercession a practice that will save someone’s life.

Today's Prayer

Find someone today to intercede for. Pray that God places someone in your heart whom you won’t stop praying until they accept Christ as their all in their life.

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