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Day 11, How to wave that white flag and still win

Your kingdom come,your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Matthew 6:10 ESV

Surrender! What divides victors from losers! A word that is so loaded with meaning that in no culture people are taught to surrender. Those that win write history or so we are told.

We find that this word plays a huge role as well in the lives of two disciples. Let me warn you though, the story may not end how we usually expect. As in everything in the Bible surrender does not mean what everyone in the world thinks it does.

As we read the gospel we see that the disciples joined Jesus in their journey but they came with their own expectations. Freedom was their desire, to rule their wish and to be the biggest, greatest in the kingdom what they worked towards. When they saw that Jesus could feed thousands with almost nothing the people got so excited that they were ready to start a revolution.

Jesus on the other hand wanted another kind of revolution. A revolution of the heart, for He knew that a new kingdom based on the same principles would lead to the oppression of people. The same thing that had happened over and over again throughout History.

When it was time for the end of Jesus ministry on earth we find two disciples. One who had all the qualifications to lead, to rule to be the biggest, another who had the qualifications to be a fisherman. The two had the same idea, to rule. Judas and Peter wanted freedom, not to surrender. The two did things to make sure their savior would lead, Peter took an ear off to make sure Jesus would free himself, Judas attempted to arrest Jesus in order to lead him to use His great power and lead the revolution. When Jesus died the two had a choice to make, surrender their own ideas or wallow in misery for their rest of their life.

Judas chose the latter and not seeing rest, hope, nor power decided to end His life. Peter surrendered, declared His love for Jesus and became the rock for the Christian movement to grow. Like Peter and Judas we have a choice today, and like them our lives depend on that choice. Surrender our wills and desires so that God can work on us.

Surrender is a powerful word. It’s just that in God's world whoever surrenders doesn’t lose but gets everlasting life. May we learn to surrender, may we learn to follow Jesus our Lord.

Today's Prayer:

Your will be done! Today we pray that God's will be done in our lives. We may not think that's what surrender is but that’s what we mean, to allow God's will to be ours. Today God use us, move us, show us the plans you have for us. Erase our own desires and may the Holy Spirit fill us with your ways and Love. Thank you for the transformation that will happen in us.

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