• Pastor Jason

August 24-31

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Prayer: We have started a new book of the Bible at prayer meeting. We are going through the book of John. I hope you will make plans to join us if you can. Every Wednesday night at 6pm for food, fellowship, and prayer.

Things Happening: Just a reminder that coming up this Wednesday from 10am-noon we will have our second MOPS meeting of the year. If you know a mother of small children please invite them to attend. We had a great program last month and we want to maximize its impact on our community. Please pray for this venture as well!


Sunday afternoon at the Sadler home was a special party to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries all at once! Here is a picture of the two birthday boys Nelson Thomas and Larry Colburn. Congrats Gentleman!


Sabbath afternoon was a special treat as we celebrated the baptism of Elijah Small at Paint Creek. Those who were at church last Sabbath know that he presented us with a special treat on salvation during the worship service. Proud of you Elijah!

Sabbath School is a thriving ministry for all ages at Riverview! We had at least 20 kids in Sabbath school this Sabbath. Praise the Lord! Here is a picture of some of our primary class students who dressed up as potential careers for service. May the Lord guide and bless our children. May He multiply our effectiveness for His Kingdom through them!


We had some wonderful music this past Sabbath. Although I missed getting a picture of it, the most amazing for me was seeing what an all tuba quartet could do!

Speaking of our young people, Erika Santos was happy to share this picture of many of our kids involved in a Pathfinder Bible Bowl Experience. Erika is the lead coach of the team and we are thrilled about having our own team here in Greeneville. 


Personal: Katia made a friend at the playground this week. It was priceless to watch as the two girls tried to hold hands while swinging together.

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