• Pastor Jason

August 20-26


Message: Have you ever seen or experienced a sibling rivalry? How about any other kind of strained family relationship? This Sabbath  we look at how Jesus restored a strained family relationship for a family in Bethany. Don’t miss this third sermon of our series, “When God Calls Your Name…twice” entitled, “Martha, Martha.

Prayer: This week we have been especially praying for Lorenzo Carreno as he suffered the loss of a close cousin, like a sister to him. Her funeral will be at the Notre Dame Catholic Church off of Mount Bethel at 2pm on Saturday. Hope you will continue to pray for and reach out to Lorenzo and family. We have also been praying for Sonia Campbell as she recovers from her eye surgery. We are thankful that the surgery seems to have gone well.


Things Upcoming: Perhaps you have heard about an upcoming live course being hosted by Dwight Nelson entitled, “Hope Trending.” We are planning to host a watching party at Riverview and you are invited to come to the church and join us! The series will run from October 14-22 in the evening so mark your calendar. Some of you may also want to host watching parties in your own home which will also be good. But wherever you are, we hope you will tune in and invite a friend!

Things Happening: Have you been to our Wednesday evening “Fellowship” meeting? It happens every Wednesday from 6-7pm. We start with food and end with a Bible study. We had 35 people come out this week and brother Clause Svendson led a Spirit-directed study. Come join us again next week!

Had a great time visiting a number of families this week. Only remembered to take a picture with some:

Jerry and Della Brendle left; Ken and Inge Horton right.

Some Pictures from last Sabbath:


It was a great privilege and blessing to be able to participate in the baptism of Jenna Felan! What a joy to see her give her life to Jesus out in the river at the Dyer Cabin with such warm support from loved ones.


The Fellowship meal this past Sabbath was delightful. This picture is only of the dessert! I hope you will join us for the fellowship meal this coming Sabbath. Photo Credit to John Duroe.


Irene told a great children’s story about finding yourself in “hot water!” Photo Credit to John Duroe. 


Pat and Brooke Sadler used their musical talent to praise the Lord. The marimba! What a neat instrument. Photo Credit to John Duroe. 


These two friends had a great time together! Photo Credit to John Duroe.


Baby Katherine sure loved having fun with these guys during the fellowship meal. Thank you Tomlinson girls!


“Boys Only Table”


People: Have you met these people? They may be new faces to some of you but we sure are glad to have them down by the riverside!

Lyndon Gallimore on the left; Bill and Jackie Boomsliter on the left

Personal: Well, this was a rough week but the Lord sustained us. Anna was sick for a few days, baby Katherine was teething, and to top it all off I had some car trouble!


Look who was there to help me with my car trouble! Was great to see Krishna Singh!

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