• Pastor Jason

August 13-19


Message: Have you ever experienced a time in life when it seemed God was silent? Or maybe you wondered if He is even there? “And the word of the Lord was rare in those days; there was no widespread revelation.” 1 Samuel 3:1 That description of ancient times may not sound too far off of where our world is today. For many of us, it would seem that God reveals Himself directly in this world only very rarely. While we cannot always know why God has chosen to remain silent, God has revealed some attitudes that may keep us from being able to hear his voice and others that can help us to see Him. Don’t miss the sermon this Sabbath entitled, “Samuel, Samuel” as we continue our series, “When God Calls Your Name…twice.” 


Things Happening: This Sabbath Riverview will begin something we hope may continue for a long time to come: Guest Potluck!!! Starting this Sabbath and every Sabbath, we invite you to stick around after our worship service for a meal. If you are a guest don’t worry about bringing any food. The meal is on us.

Did you know that our little church at Riverview spearheads a Bags of Love ministry that reaches children in 7 counties!!! A big thank you to Peggy Lowe for leading this ministry.


These ladies are lots of fun! (Pat Greene, Peggy Lowe, and Pat Spilovoy) It’s a Pat Sandwich. 


I’m glad to see I’m not the only one sifting through diapers lately.

Here is one of the highlights of my week:


Every Wednesday morning at 8am I teach a Revelation class at Greeneville Adventist Academy. I look forward to it every week. What a blessing! We are preparing to share what we’ve learned in the class at a church near you at the beginning of next year.

Speaking of GAA, there is such a flurry of activity at the beginning of the year:


I wish you could have seen and heard the first band practice! The kids entered to the sound of an olympic prelude and there was a feeling of great excitement. Tom Cushing, the coach, is doing a great job!!!


Every Thursday after school from 3-4:30pm we are hosting some sports recreation.

food city reopening choir

The Senior choir sang for the grand re-opening of Food City! Photo Courtesy of Chelle Tomlinson

Church last Sabbath was a real treat:


We are studying the book of Daniel in Youth Sabbath School class. Great seeing these friends together. May they be like Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego!


One of the smaller members in our congregation fell asleep during my sermon! It’s ok.


Nice looking group of women! A big thank you to Anne Andrus for coming and playing the piano for me!

Have you heard of Raceway ministries?! Here you can see Diane Vance, Patti Cohen, and Brooke Sadler helping get the supplies ready to pass out at the Bristol Speedway:


I picked the right way to help with their ministry. I carried a box of cookies. And I can’t say I didn’t eat any.

People: Do you know these people? They are surely one of the most energetic and fun families around.

Had so much fun visiting the Payne family. They sure know how to make someone feel welcome and loved! Keep them in your prayers as James goes into surgery today.

Personal: This was a very busy week but we did have a chance to stop for a brief visit with some special family.


Anna’s brother and his wife, Daniel and Tatiana, are pregnant and expecting any day! We can’t wait for the new baby cousin.

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