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Well, it’s been awhile since my last post. Mainly due to this guy:


But with the school year underway and things getting back to normal I’ve decided to start back up.

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This summer at Riverview we have been journeying through the minor prophets covering one book each Sabbath. Share in a worship service with us this Saturday at 11am as we look at Zephaniah and see that God is a purifying fire!

Yesterday I had a chance to share a worship thought with our students at GAA. I was impressed by the spiritual tenor of the campus with time spent in prayer under the guidance of SA spiritual leader Kiran Finley.

This summer was full of fun visiting and hanging out with folks. Here are some pictures of fun moments:

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Also, it was a blast to involve our young people at Riverview throughout the summer:

We are so thankful for Patty Mcclure and her new life in Christ! Here are some long overdue pics from her baptism in April.

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When I consider some of the things going on with new Riverview small groups, sabbath school classes, and more, I rejoice in the work that God is doing among us!

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Another summer highlight was my ordination service. I was so thankful to share the moment with my church family at Riverview. 

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